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“Extremely professional service and friendly staff. Highly recommended.”


I have been a patient of Dr Gaby Haddad for over 2 years and have not yet found a single downside in my experience all-in-all. As rated bellow; I found the friendliness of staff, location and of course Dr Haddad’s expertise that of a high standard. I highly recommend this clinic.


“My root canal was not painful as expected and my new Zirconia crown is 99% identical to my natural teeth.” -Treatment Received : Root canal and zircpnia zirconia crown replacement

Helen D.

I have been a patient of Dr Haddad for the last 30 years. He is a through professional and my whole family goes to him for treatment. I highly recommend anyone who needs the perfect and professional treatment to go to him. Once you visit him, you feel completely relaxed.


He is very professional with high standards. He is one of the best dentist in the world.


“He was the angel that i was searching for . He was the only one who opened the doors which were closed by others . He is the only man that I trust in this field . He was the one who took my pain away . He was the one who saved me and gave me a hope Thanks alot Dr .Gabi “


“Dear Dr. Haddad, I grab this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for the best treatment and care I received from you at your distinguished clinic. My difficult dental cases that you treated in a very professional and high quality manner . You returned my confidence in me to smile , not to forget for all the love my children and best quality treatment my children received they go to your clinic anxious to see you and Dr. Malika ( no pain therapy , no scary drilling sound ) using the laser for the cavity treatment and finally Lea’s ( 14 yrs) my daughter after the ortho accurate treatment to have the most beautiful smile ever. Thank you very much again wishing you all the success and good health.” –Treatment Received : Ozone,braces, restorations,crowns

Elo T.

“I am writing to tell you you and your office literally changed my life with the excellent work you did [over a extended period of time]. Not only did you fix my teeth so that they look better than they ever did, but you treated me like a human being, an individual. You took exceptional care of me in consideration of my huge dental phobia. I feel like family at your office. Everyone was very genuine, sincere, and not merely “nice” in a professional way. My heartfelt thanks to you.” –Treatment Received : New Patient Dental Examination

John F.

“Treatment went well but is ongoing so will be attending again. Cost was okay.” –Treatment Received : Orthodontist Consultation


“Thanks to Gaby and the staff. These guys are great. Big smile to you all. I had the full Hollywood Smile treatment on my overcrowded mouth. I was worried at first that they were beyond redemption, but the results are amazing. My only regret is I did not visit the clinic 10 years ago!” –Treatment Received : Veneers


“It was so calm and with good results. The price was very reasonable for me.” -Treatment Received : Teeth Whitening


“I have received excellent treatment from Dr. Gaby!” –Treatment Received : Dentist Consultation


“The reception staff is very friendly, not annoying, fast. The doctor was caring, and professional. The most important is when the doctor cares and listens and does the needed well. Not just, take appointment, finish job and let go. i loved visit to Dr. Haddad and will definitely go back for the next appointment. i recommend the clinique to everyone, just when arranging appointment dont get upset if it is not soon, trust me, it is worth waiting :)” –Treatment Received : Fillings


“A wonderful treatment that covered everything. I suffered from my teeth all my life, but with the way it was handled, I became a Hollywood smiler for the rest of my life.” -Treatment Received : route canals and veneers


“Definitely recommend, Excellent treatment for abscess, root canal and crown. Very professional treatment by a clearly very experienced dentist. I definitely recommend Dr Haddad.” -Treatment Received : Treatment of Dental Abscess, root canal and crown


“Complete removal of tooth ache, I highly recommend this doctor, as he helped my case when other doctors were not able to do so.” -Treatment Received : complete removal of tooth ache


“Fast and professional service. Friendly staff.” -Treatment Received : Wisdom Tooth Extraction


“Hollywood Smile at Dr. Gaby’s clinic is really different! It was a joyful & happy feeling when my friends saw me after I got my veneers. I could never forget their first response; “wow, what did you do? What beautiful & bright teeth you got!!”. But what pleased me a lot was the reaction of my husband (my love), when he said to me; “you really look like a star!!”. Dr. Gaby, I really appreciate your efforts. As usual, the final look and results were beyond my expectations.” -Treatment Received : Veneers


“My teeth now look absolutely PERFECT” “I finally got my veneers done today! They look FABULOUS and natural, I am very pleased with the results, alhamdullilah. I can’t stop staring at the mirror!! At the beginning, I was worried that the veneers won’t suit my teeth and will make me look different. But I had no other choice because of my discoloured front tooth. Thanks to Dr. Gabby my teeth now look absolutely PERFECT, exactly what I want. The shade of the veneer and the shape, it’s all amazing I am very pleased with the result. Although the procedure was a little bit painful (the pain was bearable) the results are worth it! I really appreciate the hard work he has done, Thank you very much once again!” –Treatment Received : Dental Veneers


“Very quick process. I liked how I was given explanation before Dr Haddad carries out the process. I am pleased to have come across Haddad Dental.” -Treatment Received : Pulpotomy


“Very happy and satisfied, My treatment went very well. My wife and I went to Dr. Haddad for treatment. We were very happy and satisfied with Dr. Haddad’s experience. Excellent follow up pre and post treatment. Would go back again. Thanks.” -Treatment Received : Dentist Consultation


“Very good. I recommend this clinic because they do good work.”


“Treatment was very much fine and I am happy with this clinic.” -Treatment Received : Dentist Consultation


“Doctor Gab was very much accommodating! He gives clear and honest advice.”


“I am patient of Dr Gabi since 2003,i never have pain while he is working cause he is always in a good mood that he make us forget any pain.a large experience.i never go twice for the same reason.he is always in time.I CALL HIM THE “MESTRE.” in terms of spirit:he is kind and sometime funny in terms of experience:believe me he is the one.because he is the only one I trust in terms of price:he is comprehensive his place is clean,his staff is lovely.” –Treatment Received : Wisdom Tooth Extraction


“Went to see Dr Gaby today for the first visit to a dentist in several years. Very, very, nervous, but he didn’t give me any ‘you have not looked after your teeth’ talk as they would in the UK. He was very understanding of my needs and my husband is now going to go and see him. When you find an excellent dentist you stay with them and recommend them to others. I am going to go and have all the work needed sooner rather than later.” -Treatment Received : Implants Dentists


“Very pleased with the treatment. Many thanks to Dr, Haddad and the staff. Regards” –Treatment Received : General Practices


“I felt no pain, I have been visiting many dentists for more than 40 years now. The first time I felt no pain was with Dr.Gaby. He is so experienced, professional and friendly. Furthermore, my domestic helper Wisdom tooth extraction, took him 2 minutes.” -Treatment Received : Roots canal treatment


“Treatment for Tooth Pain, Quick, professional, and courteous. Worked with my insurance”


“very prompt follow up”


Dr. Gaby Haddad: Innovator, Dentist, Artist and Polymath

Did you know Dr. Gaby’s Patents inspired the modern toothbrush we use today? It’s not everyday that you can get the best dental services by the Dentist who’s Patents are used in households around the world. Dr. Gaby has been playing a key role in setting Global Industry Dental Standards for the last 40 years.





Our state of the art office has the latest technology such as Dental operatory rooms International standard dental sterilization method with



Aya Ragab Elsayed Ahmed Metwally
Aya Ragab Elsayed Ahmed Metwally General Practitioner
Musa Ibrahim Salman Abu Zayed
Musa Ibrahim Salman Abu Zayed General Dentist
Afroz Anjum Shafiq Ahmed
Afroz Anjum Shafiq AhmedPeriodontics




We offer all high standard aspects of dentistry from mercury free fillings to the most advanced full mouth rehabilitation including

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Our state of the art office has the latest technology such as:
Dental operatory rooms
International standard dental sterilization


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