How Often Do I Need to See a Dentist?2019-09-11T13:16:32+00:00

There isn’t a universal rule to follow when it comes to how often you need to go to the dentist. Our dental clinic in Abu Dhabi usually schedules appointments with our clients once or twice a year. However, it’s important to understand that this is only a general rule of thumb

People with braces, as an example, need to visit the dentist a lot more often than those who simply need routine cleanings. Each of us has a unique set of needs. Unless your dentist recommends visiting more often, one or two visits a year is usually enough.

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Why Do Regular Dental Visits Matter?2019-09-11T13:17:19+00:00

Dental issues are not always noticed right away on your own. Especially if you have no idea how to spot out common problems before the serious symptoms kick in. Those who visit the dentist routinely will have common problems diagnosed and treated before things evolve out of control.

Simple procedures like a cavity dental filling, as an example, are very affordable. More affordable than getting a tooth extraction and cosmetic teeth implant. Small issues like cavities can be noticed by your dentist long before they require more invasive treatment.

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What Are Some Signs I Should See a Dentist?2019-09-11T13:18:21+00:00
  • You haven’t recently visited a dentist.
  • You aren’t sure whether or not a new sore or spot is serious.
  • You have pain or swelling in or around your mouth.
  • Your gums are swollen, red, and puffy.
  • You bleed whenever you brush or flush.
  • Your bite is uneven and doesn’t sit comfortably.
  • You have pain in your jaw when your mouth opens and closes.
  • You have dental veneers, cosmetic teeth, tooth decay fillings, and so on.
  • You have problems chewing and eating.
  • Your teeth are not as white as you would like.
  • Your mouth is constantly dry.
  • You want to improve the look of your smile.
  • You drink lots of coffee, soda, and/or smoke tobacco.
  • You have a family history of dental issues.
  • You were recently diagnosed with diabetes, an eating disorder, or cardiovascular problems.
  • You recently became pregnant.
  • You think it’s a good time to visit the dentist.
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I Don’t Have Any Symptoms. Do I Still Need to See a Dentist?2019-09-11T13:19:15+00:00

Your health should always be a primary concern. If you want to have affordable dental care for your entire life and avoid paying for expensive emergency dental care, it’s best to take some initiative and see your dentist routinely. Regardless of whether or not you have noticeable symptoms.

Those who get cosmetic dental surgery, as a common example, are people who might have avoided going to the dentist for a while because they never noticed symptoms. Just because you don’t notice any symptoms doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It’s always good to get a routine checkup so small issues can get fixed before they require something more expensive such as cosmetic teeth surgery.

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How Do I Find a Professional Dentist in Abu Dhabi?2019-09-11T13:20:13+00:00

Finding a dentist in Abu Dhabi is generally very easy to do. There are lots of qualified professionals right here in Abu Dhabi that handle walk-in clients on the same day. Some of the best dental clinics in Abu Dhabi can have appointments booked for days, weeks or even months at a time.

As a result, those who want to go to one of the best dentists in Abu Dhabi you probably will need to wait a little longer to fit in their schedule. In any case, finding a professional dentist is generally very easy since there are lots of great dentists in the city.

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What Should I Look for When Choosing a Dentist?2019-09-11T13:20:57+00:00

Before you make a quick decision on the first affordable dentist that you find, you should make sure that they actually know what they are doing. Most importantly, that the dentist is internationally certified. For best results, go with an internationally certified dentist that was trained somewhere like the USA, Canada, or in Europe.

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How Can I Maintain a Healthy Smile with my Dentist’s Help?2019-09-11T13:21:45+00:00

If you want to avoid paying for procedures such as a dental bonding, a dental inlay, and other similar scenarios, it starts at home with yourself. If you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss every day, you are doing your part to keep your smile looking good.

You should also try to see the same dentist regularly since they keep detailed records on you and your teeth. It is also important that you visit your dentist routinely so they can spot out any issues before they get worse and require expensive treatment.

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What is the Difference Between Invisalign and Braces? Which One Should I Get?2019-09-11T13:22:35+00:00

Getting adult braces can be quite a bit different than getting dental braces as a teenager. If you want to receive all the benefits that come from getting braces without those pesky metal brackets showing up in your smile, Invisalign braces are usually the best option.

The main reason between Invisalign clear braces and traditional dental braces is that they are clear. Having clear braces like these ones can still help fix crooked teeth and straighten out your smile. People will sometimes prefer Invisalign braces because of their clear design.

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What is a Hollywood Smile? Should I Get This Treatment?2019-09-11T13:23:32+00:00

A Hollywood smile makeover is a combination of many different popular dental treatments that helps give you that nice white smile that you see on the movie screen. After you find the right Hollywood smile dental clinic, your specialist will help you come up with a game plan to provide the look you want.

Any quality Hollywood smile clinic understands that there is a lot of factors involved in this treatment. Factors like the shape of your teeth, the alignment of your teeth, missing teeth, teeth color, and even your gums and face shape are all things which should be considered.

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What Should I Use to Clean My Baby’s Teeth?2019-09-11T13:24:15+00:00

Just like adults, babies need to have their teeth properly maintained and looked after. The first set of teeth your child will have typically last around 12 years of their life. For this reason, it is important to teach them good habits by the time their adult teeth come in.

For starters, make sure you visit a family dental care center once or twice a year. At home, make sure you have a toothbrush designed for infants that you can use every day to take out the plaque from their teeth.

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When Should I Take My Child to the Dentist for the First Check-Up?2019-09-11T13:24:32+00:00

Newborn babies without teeth don’t need to rush over to the dentist for their first checkup. However, once that first tooth comes in you should go ahead and make an appointment for your child’s first checkup. At the very latest, your child should see the dentist for the first time before their first birthday.

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What is the Difference Between a Pediatric Dentist and a Family Dentist?2019-09-11T13:24:55+00:00

In the medical world, pediatricians are doctors who specialize in the health of children and adolescents. This is their area of expertise. Accordingly, pediatric dentists specialize in the dental health of children. Family dental care is a little different in that they offer services to clients of all ages and stages of life.

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What Should I Do If My Child Has a Toothache?2019-09-11T13:25:26+00:00

Toothaches are a common problem that children can have. To solve the issue, start by rinsing the sensitive area with warm saltwater. If your child’s face is swollen, do a cold compress using ice or a cold towel. Finally, go to your local pharmacy and get some children’s Tylenol to relieve the pain. You should also heavily consider seeing the dentist.

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Toothpaste: When Should We Begin Using it? How Much Should We Use?2019-09-11T13:25:45+00:00

Right from birth, your child’s mouth will be susceptible to plaque and bacteria. For this reason, it’s important that you start using toothpaste as soon as possible. Before your child gets their first tooth, you can clean their gums using a soft toothbrush and water.

Once your child’s first teeth start to appear, you should start brushing with toothpaste twice a day. Only use a small smidge of toothpaste smaller than the size of a pea if they are less than 2 years old. Around three years old, start using a pea-size ball of toothpaste twice a day.

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