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Application number: FR19880006365 19880511, FR19890009301 19890711  
1989 & 1991

Ever Wonder where the Modern Toothbrush got its Current Design? Dr. Gaby’s Patent is widely incorporated in today’s Common Toothbrush. Innovative at the time it had become a part of every household and an global industry standard. The Original Patent is for a toothbrush of which the bristles 2 have, on the active part 1 of the brush, a length which increases going from the handle 3 to the free end of the semicircular active part 1, are arranged in spaced groups with a curvilinear-line profile, and of which the handle 3 is round, of increasing diameter and advantageously curved. This Patent later evolved into an Improved Toothbrush which is characterised by the fact that the head 2 supporting the bristles 3 has a substantially semi-circular cross-section and that the handle 1 has a curved shape of circular cross-section.


Application number:  US19940282646 19940729

An apparatus to clean teeth. The apparatus has a reservoir for cleaning liquid and a pump to force cleaning liquid from the reservoir. There is an outlet from the reservoir formed with an attachment. A wand can be attached to the outlet. The wand has an inlet to communicate with the outlet. There is a wand outlet at the distal end of the wand. The wand outlet is dimensioned to ensure that a moderate pressure jet of liquid can be ejected from the outlet. The limb is shaped to allow the jet of liquid to be directed upwardly to the teeth being cleaned and against the gums. In a preferred embodiment, the wand has bifurcated limbs at its distal end and each limb has a wand outlet on an inner surface. The limbs can receive dental floss.



Application number:  WO2001IB01096 20010621

The invention relates to a device for facilitating the gripping of a writing instrument such as pen, a pencil or the like. The writing aid device comprises a body (3) with a means (31) for holding a pen (10) and gripping means (33, 35, 37) for the three first fingers of a hand: thumb, index and middle finger. It is characterized by the fact that it comprises a gliding means (38) that rests on said surface (12) when writing.



Application number:  WO2001IB01124 20010531

The invention relates to a narghile, and in particular to its flexible tube (10) of which one end (14) is formed so as to fit into an orifice in the body of the narghile, and of which the other end (16) comprises a handle and a mouthpiece (18) by which the smoker draws in the smoke. The central part of the tube (10) is formed from a synthetic material. The tube (10) is characterised in that the central part (12) is flexible, non toxic and is sufficiently resistant to flattening to remain open during use.

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