What is Ozone? Ozone (O3) is a gas; a fresh and clean smell that we find at very high altitudes. It’s our natural protection against harmful radiation from the sun. It’s also a strong disinfecting agent that kills bacteria, virus, and fungi in 5 seconds, making Ozone therapy a high-tech breakthrough in dentistry. KaVo Heal-O-Zone technology utilizes Ozone gas to kill caries bacteria within seconds. The Diagnodent, a laser fluorescent measurement of microbial activity, and Prophyflex are first used to diagnose and clean fissure clenbuterol pills for sale carries. The Ozone is then applied via a silicone cap seated on the targeted lesion for disinfection. When the Ozone treatment is complete, a patient kit is provided to the patient to help remineralize and improve the treated teeth with the use of Heal-O-Zone toothpaste, mouthwash, and spray.
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